Friday, March 28, 2008

Official Google Blog: Is black the new green?

Official Google Blog: Is black the new green?

Monday, March 24, 2008

Koh Pannyi photo

From a long-tail boat in the bay of Koh Pannyi, Phuket Thailand I was able to swing the camera to get this picture.

Wonder if some travel agency would like this one ;)

Koh Pannyi (Sea Gypsie Island)

The village on Koh Pannyi is inhabited by Chao Nam or Sea Gypsies, who have given up their traditional way of life as sea nomads. The whole of the village (which is mostly Muslim) is built on stilts, with a giant rock monolith guarding its rear. It is the second destination for the tourists, packed on boats to see the James Bond Island, to come and take their lunch. Around midday, up to 3.000 visitors will flood into the small village via tour boats. But as soon as lunch is over and the tourists leave, the community closes up its restaurants and gif shops and returns to the quiet community of fishermen again.

Wat Suwannakhuha : Phang Nga Province

[photo credit to thai-tour ]

This temple is located in Mu 2, Tambon Krasom. Take Highway No. 4, (Phang-nga - Ban Khok Kloi route) for 7 kilometres and upon reaching the kilometre 31 marker at Amphoe Takua Thung, there is an asphalt road going to the right to the temple, one kilometre away. The locals call this temple Wat Tham.

This is an interesting temple of all in Phang-nga since it is of historical and archaeological importance. Within the boundary of the temple is a mountain with numerous caves. Tham Yai is located at the lowest level and, inside, the total length of the cave walls is decorated ceramic tiles, bowls as well as terra cotta ware and Benjarong ware.

It is also used as a temple and houses various manners of Buddha images, one of which is a splendid reclining Buddha image. You can also see many Royal Monograms inscriptions on the walls of the cave.