Sunday, January 27, 2008

Ao Phang-Nga (Phang-Nga Bay) NationalPark

Phang-Nga BayAo Phang-Nga (Phang-Nga Bay) NationalPark was declared a national park on April 29, 1981. It lies in the districts of Phang-Nga Town and Takua Thung and the total area is 250,000 rai (1 rai = 1,600 sq. meters). Most visitors are intent on viewing Phang-Nga Bay's bizarre landscape, which includes more than 120 singularly strange looking islands. Therer are many places where boats can be rented to travel Phang-Nga Bay:

- Ta Dahn Soon Kahkorn Pier: near Phang-Nga Bay Resort. Boats from small to large including ones suitable for C tours may be rented.

- Surakoon (or Ka Sohm) Pier: lies in Takua Thung. Here you will find long-tail boats seating about 6 persons each.

- The pier in the area of National Park : has long-tails holding up to eight persons each. It takes about three hours to view Phang-Nga Bay. The best season is from December to April, but because of the calm seas that prevail year round in this waveless body of water, trips to Phang-Nga are an on-going activity. Many companies in Phuket offer sight-seeing tours, and various modes of travel are possible: from long-tail boats, to sea canoes, to Chinese junks. Virtually all of them include lunch in the price of the tour. Check with your travel agent for details. Those wishing to explore on their own can charter a boat and prices are negotiable: If the first boatman you ask quotes a price outside of your budget, don't hesitate to ask another.

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